Welcome to the Church of Thermal Ascension

We are a newly formed church. Our believers can fly.

Our Beliefs

  • The Sun supplies all energy in our Universe thanks to the magical power of Fusion. (Fusion will be with us in t + 30 years.)
  • We will be lifted aloft by the power of the Sun.(And cast down by the Darkness.)
  • Our lives are a contest where the Sun triumphs over Gravity.(xcontest.org keeps the Holy records.)
  • True enlightenment can only be found through Altitude.(Ridge Soaring does not count.)
  • The Sun is immortal. (We define immortality as lasting less than 10 billion years.)

Our Rules

  • Defy gravity whenever possible.(Practice often missing the ground.)
  • Use the power that the Sun bestows upon you.(In every way possible.)
  • Help those less capable than yourself.(You were once less capable.)
  • Avoid always the Cumulonimbus.(You are a puny human.)
  • Repack your reserve often. (Don't assume your God will be in a good mood when you need him.)
  • All soaring aircraft are equal. (Some are more equal than others.)
  • Each day of the week is sacred. (No days are reserved for work.)
  • No donations are accepted. No fees are charged by the church.(Give only to your local club.)


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