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Live analysis into FOMC: got huge bounce right into RESISTANCE

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Big pop today before FOMC, perhaps based on China comments. Many assets have bounced right into Major resistance zones. Will be looking at indices, stocks, crypto into FOMC announcement. Will NOT be any audio, will type comments on charts.

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🔥Chart Mastery 🔥 Market Update | Crypto + Stocks | CHOP CITY!


$QQQ $SPY $BTC $LUNA $ETH analysis + more! Covering Stocks and Crypto, utilizing a variety of analysis methods. Fibonacci retracements, Extensions, some indicators, and Harmonics.

FED Meeting !!!!


Day trading system in 15 min timeframe on HI Volatile stocks. We will be integrating new and events and share how to see opportunity that presents itself everyday. No MORE FOMO trades. You will learn how to take the highest probability #trade setup

FOREX TRADING COURSE 101 (2021 Students) - Lesson 49- Mar 16 2022 - 6pm EST


FOREX TRADING COURSE 101 (2021 Students) - Lesson 49 - How to Trade the ***ORIGINAL Fibo*** and the ***CONTRARIAN Fibo*** - Part 2. ***Students from 2022 - Please check other STREAM SCHEDULE!

The Trade Off — Ep #14 (FOMC, FX, Crypto, Equities, Indices & Macro)


Blake and Chris will be dissecting the markets again and looking at a wide range of asset classes, both fundamental and technical analyses and what you need to know about trading the current volatile conditions and the FOMC meeting!

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Did BTC bandits tear you a new one?


Well another good old fashioned scam wick to reap money from the retail investor. How does this happen? I will explain, then AMA #Crypto #BTC #Bitcoin #Forex #Gold #Mayfair #AUDUSD #EURUSD

Trade of the Day - Wednesday


A look inside the Tier One Trading Live Trading Room & a detailed walkthrough of the top trading idea on my radar for the day. Join me for this Live Stream every Tues, Wed & Thurs at 7:30 AM New York Time

Live look at Crypto pop just now


Will be looking at BTC and some alts. Will NOT be any audio, will type comments on charts.