Sun 9th Feb - Weds12th Feb

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Sun 9th Feb - Weds12th Feb

Post by rolf » Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:40 am

Some of the super optimistic pilots are heading out to Sids to Aerotow on Sunday.

The models call for 10-12kt on the ground, gusting to 15-18kt all day between 12 - 6pm.

Personally I think Sid won't get the dragonfly out as it will be too strong, but if the models are all completely wrong it might be good. Sid and Richo will appreciate the company.

Bakewell is going to be similar on the ground but stronger up on either launch, the direction will have a fair bit of East in it so I don't think the middle launch will be nice.

The top launch will be 15-20kt and if you really like gale dangling it might be OK, but too much for me.

If you get into the air, expect broken lift up to 3000ft AGL, maybe even 5000ft AGL.

A strong inversion with a 180' wind direction change at the boundary later, but excellent ground speed with an 18kt tail wind from the SE at 2000ft!

Dave will likely head out and if I think the wind forecast might be on the high side I might change my mind and head out too.

Monday looks ESE and stronger winds.

Tuesday looks ENE and too strong.

Weds looks like less than 5kt of E on Mt Bakewell, it should be thermic enough to straighten things up for a safe launch from the top. I'll be there if the models hold.

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